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There are many factors that play a big role in how well your child learns and is able to absorb information. Tutoring is the best way to help your child understand and process that information correctly and exercise can help improve your child´s memory and provide many other academic benefits. That is why today at The Tutoring Center in Herndon we want to further discuss how your child can benefit from exercise and how you can involve them in physical activities.

Advantages of Exercise in Academic Performance

Taking part in physical activity allows children to improve their motor skills, reduces ADHD symptoms, increases memory retention and improves sleep. Having a more efficient sleep results in a more pleasant mood in the morning which helps children render better results in school. For more information on the importance of healthy sleep visit our previous post here.

Involve Your Child in Physical Activities

Involving your child in exercise is not very hard, depending on their age there are many activities that would help them enjoy the benefits of exercise and improve their ability to learn and do well in school.  Games such as tag and rally races and other family activities such as taking  hike or playing hide and seek are a good way to make sure your child is getting their physical activity time.

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