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In order to have a successful and enriching learning experience, you need to be able to take good notes in class. These are your main study aid and have an impact on your tests and grade. So, to help you out, The Tutoring Center in Herndon has a few tips on how you can take better notes that will also help improve your study sessions at home.

How to Take Good Notes

1. First, you need to keep everything organized. Have a folder and notebook for each subject (they can be color-coordinated) so you can keep track of your notes, and add the date and a title to each page.

2. Work out a system with which you write down the most important parts of each lesson. Understand what the teacher is talking about and take concise notes so you’re not left behind.

3. Focus on writing down complete, comprehensible sentences in your best penmanship, so you don’t waste time decoding your notes when you need to study.

4. Make those extra-important concepts, dates, and names stand out by using an accent color or highlighter.

5. Try your hardest to keep your notes clean, free from scratches, and doodles, so they won’t stress you out or distract you when the time to study comes around.

6. Once you’re done, proofread your notes to make sure everything makes sense and to figure out if you missed something important. If something isn’t clear, ask your teacher or peers to explain. 

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