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Wow! We have been busy at The Tutoring Center lately, and now it is almost summertime again. Before the school year ends, however, there is plenty of work that your child will be completing at school before promoting to the next grade level: Virginia SOLs, AP exams, final exams, final projects, research papers, etc. As important as studying is, plenty of rest and a good breakfast is just as important. Therefore, help make certain your child is getting rest and eating well during this testing season. We can help take care of the studying part for you.

I know many of you are planning your vacations already, but I hope you have The Tutoring Center as part of that plan. The summer time is the BEST time to get caught up on concepts that your child may be having difficulty. During our summer program, we will work on material that will be learned in the next school year. This will get students ahead of the class on the first day of school! Their concentration span will also be improved compared to if they are left to their own time all summer.

There is a plethora of electronic devices in every home nowadays; TV, computers, the internet, smart phones, tablets, video game systems, etc. All these gadgets are very easy to keep children busy and out of your hair during the summer, but they will not help improve concentration, attention span, and focus skills. Children may even forget concepts that they've worked so hard in mastering the past five months in school. Don't let your child get "summer brain drain!" Let them discover their potential this summer at The Tutoring Center. If not at The Tutoring Center, then at least have them complete workbooks at home with paper and pencil, as well as reading books to develop vocabulary.Don't forget to visit our new Facebook page, as well!


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