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It goes without saying that in order for your child to make the most out of their study/homework/reading sessions, they need to be able to focus on the task before them. This is why the environment in which they perform these activities is so important. If you’d like to lend them a helping hand so they can become better students, you should provide them with the appropriate study environment, for which you’ll find tips in this post.

How to Provide an Appropriate Study Environment for Your Child

  1. First and foremost, you need to find a place in your home for your child to do homework and study without any distractions; for example, there are no TVs nearby.
  2. Likewise, the designated study spot should have a light source that can keep your child from straining their eyes while working .
  3. The desk and chair your child works on should be comfortable, in the right size for them, and should be able to support their back properly.
  4. Their study environment should also contain the necessary supplies: books, dictionary, pencils, calculator, rulers, and other similar items.
  5. Time is also a factor here: create a schedule in which you set time for your child to study early in the afternoon, when they’re not too tired, hungry, or energetic.
  6. Lastly, make sure that the environment is suited for their learning style. For instance, if you have a kinesthetic learner at home, give them tools they can use to learn better.

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