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As the school year has begun, we certainly hope that you are seeing great success with your child already. If you are starting to notice, early on, a lack of organization, The Tutoring Center in Herndon would like to provide SIX tips for you to help your child get back on track. Remember that there is a link between organization and academic success, and it is with your child’s success in mind that we share these tips!

Set Goals

Surely you should have both academic and personal goals, remembering that academics should take precedence over other activities. Write these goals down, brainstorm on how to accomplish them, and perhaps even share the goals with a trusted person in your life, who can help you to achieve them and keep you accountable. 

Avoid Clutter

Your backpack, locker, and study space should not have piles of papers or other distracting cluttered messes. Throw away those papers you will no longer need and keep others neatly in folders and/or notebooks for safe keeping. 

Designate a Study Space

You should have a space in your home designated to place your backpack, homework, and other necessary items for school. This will help you to avoid the craze of trying to remember what you’ll need for the day, the morning of. On the same note, you should have space in your home where you go to study and work. You may choose a desk in your bedroom, but avoid the bed. You could also use the kitchen table, a couch, or another space entirely. However, make sure it is void of distractions and clutter. 

Write It Down

Saying that you will remember, could lead to forgetting. It is best to write it down. You may also choose to take a picture with your phone, of the assignment written on the board. While this may be well meaning, you know the distractions you will then have available to you when you take out your phone at home, to review your assignments. It is best, again, to write it down, and avoid using your phone at all during homework and study sessions. 

Use a Planner

An excellent alternative to taking a picture of assignments or attempting to remember them is to use a planner to help you keep your assignments organized. If you have an assignment due at a designated time in the future, write down when you receive the assignment, when it is due, and notes in between to be working on it. This strategy is equally effective to study for a test, and not just cram the night before. 

Break It Up and Work it Out

Is it more effective for you to work on the easiest assignment first, moving on the the most difficult, or should you start with the most difficult and work your way down? Do you need to schedule a break, take a jog around the block, wash your face, listen to a song, perhaps? Understand what works best for you and work it into your schedule, but most importantly remember to get back to work reenergized to complete the tasks at hand. 

After seeing an improvement in your child’s organization, there is still the possibility that he or she will need some assistance in a specific academic area. The Tutoring Center is here for exactly that, and our experienced and dedicated tutors are ready to help. Give us a call at, 703-459-9945 for tutoring in Herndon!


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