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Getting Rid of Bad Habits: Procrastination

Students face many challenges in their academic journey, but most of these are created by bad habits or lack of learning skills. Procrastination is one of the most common struggles that students face, and it is one that can truly cause many problems. The following recommendations can help your child get started on eliminating this bad habit.

Break Down the Work and Get Started on Small Segments

There is a saying that goes, ¨The only way to get nothing done is to keep resolving that you will do it all.¨ This is very true because we think we will eventually get everything done at once, so we actually end up doing everything last minute. However, if students take what they have to do and break it into to smaller tasks that are easier to complete, it will be a lot easier to do it all well before the due date. Most students have the idea that a due date means they should wait until then to do the work. However, the idea isn't to do the work when it is due. The idea is to get it done before and ahead of the due date. If students can change this mentality, their work will be a lot less overwhelming, and they will become much more efficient at completing their tasks. However, doing this takes practice, and it is important to constantly remind students that the way to get things done is to do a little at a time.

Develop Better Learning Abilities with Tutoring in Herndon VA

Tutoring facilitates and enhances a student's learning experience by allowing them to develop the habits and practices that set them up for success. At The Tutoring Center, Herndon VA, they work one-on-one with students to help them eliminate the bad habits that keep them from performing at their best. Contact them today at 703-362-2474 to get your child started.


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