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Simple Science Experiments to Get Your Child Curious and Learning

Just recently, we shared some great ideas to make the summer more fun and educational. Since children need variety and innovation to keep them interested. we thought we would also share a quick and fun science experiment that is simple but still an effective learning tool. This following science experiment doesn't require much preparation, but it will spark some interesting questions and get your child excited about learning.

Learn About Air Pressure With a Potato

First, ask your child to make a hypothesis about whether he/she thinks a straw can pierce a potato. Grab a sturdy new straw and a potato and let your child take a stab at the potato with the straw holding the straw in any way they want. Then, ask your child to grab the straw and place their thumb on the top extremity of the straw. You may have to demonstrate what this should look like before you let them try. Ask them to take a stab at the potato while holding the straw in that manner (thumb covering the top). This time, the straw should be able to at least slightly pierce the potato.  Once they get a chance to try it, ask them to discuss what happened. Finally, take some time to learn together about air pressure and how this helps make a difference in the straw's strength.

Science and All Kinds of Learning Fun With Tutoring in Herndon VA

Science experiments, good books, nature hikes, and all types of activities are great for sparking a learning interest in your child. Tutoring can help guide those interests and structure them into great academic growth. Let your child receive the best academic help. Call The Tutoring Center, Herndon VA at 703-362-2474 today.


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