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When your kids are on break this summer, take advantage of the weather while continuing to learn by planning educational activities with them. There are many aspects of science that are extremely interesting and fun enough to keep your kids attention this summer. Today, The Tutoring Center in Herndon has these suggestions for you and your family.

Plants and Animals

Biology, the study of all living things, you can simply go outside in your own yard or a local park and observe the local biology in your neighborhood. Review the different classes of animals and records how many mammals, birds, insects, etc. you can see. If you have a camera, try taking pictures to document what you see to compare later! For a more expansive adventure, take the family to your nearest zoo. At the zoo, you can read about each specific animal and play a quiz game on the ride home!

Mixing Chemicals

Chemistry is usually one of the more interesting subtopics of science for many students because chemical reactions are often fun and impressive to watch. Unfortunately, they can also be very messy and difficult to clean up. This summer, find some experiments you wouldn’t consider doing inside, and do them somewhere outdoors. There are numerous experiments that use chemicals that are safe for you and the environment; still review all safety precautions before doing your experiments. Safety always comes first!

Summer break is just a short time for kids to relax and have some fun before the load of another school year in a few months. However, don’t let their education suffer and keep their brains active. Activities such as the ones above can help your kids learn new information, but you can also practice reading, writing, and other academic activities with them as well. If you would like more intense science help or one-to-one instruction in Herndon this summer, contact us today at 703-459-9945 for more information.


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