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Do you remember that commercial where parents are riding a shopping cart up and down the aisle of an office supply store as the song "It's the most wonderful time of the year" plays in the background?  Their children looked completely miserable as they witnessed their parents' happiness at preparing for the next school year.  Well, even if you don't remember the commercial, if your child is just as miserable at the thought of starting school again, then we can help.  Our programs are aimed at getting each student not only better in their weak areas of study, but more comfortable, confident, and excited about what they are learning in school.  We aim to get students motivated to do their best at school, especially if the subject is not their favorite.

Schools are about to open their doors again.  Time goes by faster than you expect, so don't let your child get behind right before school starts.  Keep them reading and practicing their basic math skills at home.  Give them small projects to do that will introduce them to knew topics in science or history.  The summer is the best time to keep children thinking, and it's almost over!

Probably the most important activity a child can do over the summer is to write.  It is even more important these days because so many children are using touchscreens and computers everyday.  Even just one paragraph a day would help them with their critical thinking and creativity.


To our parents:
Please don't hesitate to use our wifi while waiting for your child to finish a session as you enjoy our lobby music.  You are welcome to have a cup of coffee, as well.  It may make things easier to bring your own mug, but we have cups available if you forget one.  (Coffee is only available for parents of enrolled students.)

To our students:
I am very proud with your work over the summer.  We have seen such great progress in so many of you.

School is approaching fast!  So you need to prepare yourself for the new school year.  Other than getting new school supplies and outfits, please practice going to bed early and having good, healthy breakfasts each day.  This will help you get used to the new routines faster.  Then you will have more brain power to use on your school work and homework!


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