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Keep Your Children's Brain Warm and Active

There is no denying that children love the outdoors. You just need to look at your living room during times of lovely hot weather to see that they have no interest in staying at home. Of course, once that hot weather leaves and the cold temperatures replace it, the scene in your living room changes greatly, with your youngsters apparently glued to your couch. If your couch could use a vacation, below are some ideas from The Tutoring Center, Herndon VA to get your kids off the couch and learning without having to endure too much cold weather.

A Museum Visit

If your perception of a museum is based on your memory of visiting one during the pre-internet days, then you are in for a big and pleasant surprise. While it’s fair to say that museums haven’t traditionally been known as fun and exciting places, the reason wasn’t that they were learning spaces. The limitation museums faced was a common one: there was no ready-access to up to date information. That is to say, the internet didn’t exist. However, as you well know from the screen you are reading this from, the internet brought with it many technologies, many of which have been embraced by museums. If you're looking for a museum that may interest your child, your local tourism board is a good place to start your search. They will often have a central directory of events in your area, and may also be able to help you with any discounts or information about free days and events.


Math isn’t known as the most popular subject, but it’s definitely one which should be taught at a young age to instill solid fundamentals. However, keeping a toddler’s attention long enough to finish a sandwich can be hard enough let alone trying to teach them math. This is where an art-based activity comes in! Visit your local art or department store and allow your student to choose a paint-by-numbers set which interests them the most. When they are looking, guide them towards sets which they can cleanly complete yet which also have a large range of numbers to use. Once you are back home and have everything set up in an easy-to-clean space, start painting using methods like:
  • Paint all of the prime numbers first.
  • Paint the numbers on a multiplication table.
  • If you are looking to help teach conversions, look for numbers with the equal value.
In addition to the above, you can use any question you can think of which has a remaining corresponding answer on their paint set.

Tutoring Can Help Students Overcome Learning Challenges

If you notice that your youngster struggles with a particular set of multiplication tables or another challenge while they paint, one-to-one tutoring can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Herndon VA today by calling 703 362 2474. Book your free initial diagnostic assessment to learn more about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring.


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