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Mathematics Memory Is a Great Learning Game the Family Can Enjoy

If you were to ask your child which of their subjects was the most fun, math wouldn’t be anywhere in their answer. This isn't because they don’t enjoy the subject or because it doesn't provide learning rewards, but simply because, compared to other subjects like science where you get to play with chemicals, math is all numbers and writing. While it would be unreasonable for each of their teachers to play games during each lesson, it isn’t unreasonable to ask that of a parent! The Tutoring Center, Herndon VA has a game idea to share with you that can help achieve that very goal! It’s called Mathematics Memory, and here is how it goes.
  • Start by creating 20 pieces of card about the same size as your regular playing cards
  • On one side of 10 of the cards, write a math question which your student has been struggling with. Once you have finished, place a small dot on the back of each card.
  • With the remaining 10 cards, write a corresponding answer on one side.
  • Now, arrange them on the table in rows and allow everybody 10 seconds to look before you flip the cards over.

How to Play Mathematics Memory

Now the fun begins! Take turns around the table picking a question card, solve the problem, and then try your hardest to remember where you saw the answer! Not only is this a great learning activity which your child is sure to enjoy, but it can also be adapted as your child’s learning improves, with the difficulty of the questions increasing each time that you play.

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