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Don’t Let the Summer Learning Slide Affect Your Child

Parents could be forgiven for thinking that the summer learning slide is a fun piece of play equipment in the schoolyard where students slide down and magically absorb new lessons and knowledge. However, the reality is quite the opposite. The Tutoring Center, Herndon VA has a post on the topic below with more information.

If Not a Fun Game, What Is the Summer Learning Slide?

The summer learning slide is the name given to a phenomenon which affects all students who take an extended break from an educational environment, much like the break your student is taking during the summer vacation. During this time away, your child’s brain begins to forget valuable lessons: a math equation here, a science experiment there, and so on.  During the break this isn’t a problem, it’s when they return to school for the new year and need to spend valuable classroom time learning old lessons while also trying to keep up with the current class that it becomes an issue.

Can It Be Prevented?

It can be easy to think that full-time summer school is the best option, however, it’s important to consider that your student worked hard during the previous year and has earned some fun time away from school. Instead of full-time classes, consider these ideas:
  • A pop-quiz on the way to the grocery store with the reward for successful completion being a snack from the candy aisle or choosing the nights dinner.
  • A couple of one-to-one tutoring sessions throughout the week is not only a great way to retain knowledge but can also help give them an advantage when it comes time for the new school year.
  • Simply reviewing notes from classes which posed a significant challenge during the previous school year can be a good way to keep their knowledge where it needs to be and can be done during any type of downtime.

Prevent the Summer Learning Slide from Affecting Your Child with Tutoring in Herndon

Tutoring In Herndon is the best way to prevent the summer learning slide from affecting your student during their vacation. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Herndon VA at 703-362-2474 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment where a trained teaching professional can answer any questions you have about the benefits of tutoring in Herndon.


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