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Is your child interested in botany? Help grow your child’s interest in nature by helping them identify flowers around where you live. This is a fun activity to engage your child and give them an active role when out in nature. It may even spark a curiosity in biology and science.

Location for Identifying Flowers

If you live in an area with lots of blooming flowers right now, it will be simple and easy just to take a walk around the neighborhood. Also, consider researching the location of local parks or nature reserves near you. You can go all out and make it into a weekend trip by finding a place to go camping. Greenhouse nurseries are a good place to visit if you are in a rush. Have your child pick out a fun new plant to take home and plant in the backyard.

Identifying Flowers

Most likely, you will need to do some research for the outing to be successful. Start by looking up native flowers that grow around you. Consider purchasing a flower guide book at your local bookstore next time you are out and about. This will make identifying plants and flowers much easier because you can bring the book with you on walks and look up information on the go. If your child is having problems in science, give us a call. We offer tutoring in a variety of subjects. Give us a call today at 703-459-9945. For tutoring in Herndon, call The Tutoring Center today! Come on in to have your child take a free assessment. Check out our blog for more great tips like homework strategies.


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