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Tutoring in Herndon to Motivate Writing

All school subjects are important, but even more important is helping your child enjoy them and be motivated to do well. At The Tutoring Center in Herndon we are dedicated to helping your child not just learn, but truly enjoy learning and getting their work done. That is why today we want to share some advice to help your child be more motivated to write.

Get Your Child a ¨Magical¨ Pencil

Have your child pick out a pencil that they consider ¨magical¨.  This doesn't necessary mean it will turn into a wand but they might like the idea that the pencil is ¨magical¨ because it makes writing fun! Buy them a pencil that looks fun in itself or let them choose one that they really like, it may be a thick colorful decorated pencil or a wacky long pencil, just make sure they choose one to their liking.

Get Them a Journal After They Get Used to the Magical Pencil

You might also try getting them a journal of their choice if you think your child might like the idea. Some children might not feel inclined to the idea of a special journal at first because it instills certain expectations they might not like. Specially if they had had bad writing experiences and have not had the right motivation, but a special pencil, leaves plenty of room for imagination and does not necessarily mean a certain page needs to be filled. With a special pencil it could start off as small notes,  maybe writing thank you cards or things like that, that can later escalate to longer paragraphs and more detailed accounts. After a few positive writing experiences with the pencil you may be able to introduce the ¨special¨ notebook or journal as a ¨reward.¨

Tutoring in Herndon, VA

Writing and reading should are enjoyable activities that help your child prosper, but they must be taught to enjoy them. For tips on how to engage your children in reading give us a call on 703 459 9945 or visit our previous post here. Let your child reach success, help them overcome any obstacles and progress at a better pace, by getting them the best tutoring in Herndon.


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