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Indoor Winter Learning Activities

Winter break is supposed to be fun and relaxing, but the cold may prevent children from being able to spend time outside. Since it isn´t always easy to keep children busy indoors we thought it would be nice to share some fun and interesting ways to help your child learn and enjoy themselves indoors.

3 Easy Ways to Stay Inside and Learn While Having a Good Time This Winter Break

  • Put on educational videos. Television or screen time isn't always healthy, but when it's used correctly it can be a great learning tool. Look for educational DVDs or online videos that discuss the subjects they have been learning in school so far. You can also find some good documentaries on Netflix and interesting science programs for children such as The Magic School Bus.
  • Encourage learning with games. There are many games and activities that can be played indoors. Play board games or click here to read about some fun activities that can help boost your child's working memory.
  • Writing fun. You can have fun with your child while writing and making your own  gift cards. Don't limit yourself to holiday cards, you can also help them write thank-you notes to teachers and encouragement letters for their classmates. Then can have a little something to look forward to giving out at school when they return from winter break.

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