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Plan for a Productive Parent-Teacher Meeting

Now that students have had their chance to learn about their new teacher and what is in store for the school year ahead, it’s time for parents to have their opportunity to do the same. The Tutoring Center, Herndon has the following post to help you prepare for your upcoming parent-teacher meeting.

Create a List

Many parents arrive at their parent-teacher meeting without preparing. Unfortunately, this often leads these parents returning home only to remember crucial items they wanted to speak about with their child’s teacher but realize that it is now too late. Prevent this from happening to you by preparing for your meeting with a list. Set aside some time and write down all of the items you want to speak about with your child’s teacher. Start with any particular challenges your child faced in the last school year, their strengths, and any learning or career aspirations they have.


Once you are certain that you have all of the items on your list, rearrange them to place the most important at the start. Of course, you want to speak about each of the items on the list, however, if you run out of time for any reason, it’s important that you are able to speak about the most crucial points in the time you have.

Utilize the Time That You Have

If you have a concern about how the principal is directing the school, the quality of the food being served, or even the state-directed curriculum, it can be easy to bring these concerns up during your parent-teacher meeting. However, if your child’s teacher can’t directly resolve these concerns then it is better to bring these up in your own time with the correct people. Instead, be sure to spend your teacher-facetime speaking only about your child, their learning, and how you can both work towards helping your child achieve high grades.

Tutoring in Herndon Can Benefit Your Child

If you are worried about your child falling behind this school year or their teacher recommended additional lessons, tutoring In Herndon can help. Find out more about the benefit of one-to-one tutoring In Herndon by calling The Tutoring Center, Herndon at 703-362-2474.


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