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Vocabulary and Spelling in Your Child's Academic Life

Grammar and vocabulary are among the subjects that we know are important but we don't pay as much attention to. That is why today we want to mention a few things you can do to help your child improve their vocabulary and spelling this school year.

Interconnected Learning

Reading, writing, and spelling are all directly connected. That is why improving in one of this areas can help your child advance in the others. Make sure you encourage your child to read and write and vice versa. Try out different reading games and writing activities, and encourage your child to have fun with reading, writing, and vocabulary. Younger children may need you to read to them, but they can also participate in writing and vocabulary activities, such as finger paint writing.

Use a Variety of Resources When Helping Your Child with Spelling and Vocabulary

Use a variety of games, resources, and at-home activities, such as crossword puzzles, word searches, and flashcards. Mix up the type of activities you share with your child and try new ones often. You can also find online games that are also focused on helping your child improve their spelling and vocabulary, such as the ones at

Provide Your Child with the Best Tutoring in Herndon VA

The best way to help your child advance and not fall behind in spelling and grammar is to provide them with additional support in these areas. Tutoring is the ideal way to help your child focus on the areas they need most. So, whether your child needs math help, grammar improvement, or just needs to build up his/her study skills, be sure to contact The Tutoring Center, Herndon VA.  Call them today at 703-362-2474.


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