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Make Your Parent/Teacher Meeting Productive

With students now back at school, parents across the country are starting to think about meeting their child’s new teachers. After all, this is the person responsible for your child's learning over the next school year. To help you prepare, The Tutoring Center, Herndon VA has the following tips to offer.

Start With a List

Just as is the case with many chores in life, a list is the best place to start! Sit down with a notebook and think about what learning challenges your child struggled with during the previous school year. Write all of these items on a list and then prioritize them. By sorting them in order of importance it can help ensure you cover off the most important items before your time runs out.

Sit and Listen

The first thing that you should do is allow the teacher to speak. Let them tell you about themselves, their teaching style, and what they expect from their students in the upcoming school year. As they speak, listen for any items you would like to further discuss once they finish speaking. Be sure not to interrupt them.

Stay on Track

There may not be many opportunities for you to meet with your child’s teacher one-on-one, so it’s important that you use your time wisely. Be sure to stick to the items on your list in the order in which you have written them. If you notice your conversation going off topic, be sure to bring it back and continue with your list. Similarly, be sure not to waste your time by speaking with the teacher about issues they can’t address, such as larger curriculum concerns or general school concerns.

Tutoring in Herndon Can Help

If your teacher raises any concerns that need to be addressed, tutoring can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Herndon VA at 703-362-2474 to learn about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring and how tutoring can help your student reach their learning potentials and excel during their educational path.


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