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Take Advantage of the Summer for Better Reading Fun

Projects, homework, and extracurricular activities all take up a great part of your child's time, which can lead them to neglect basic skills, including reading. However, now that summer is pretty much here, it is time to start taking advantage of your child's free time to encourage a higher focus on reading activities. The following ideas can help you get started.

3 Ways to Help Your Child Have Fun Reading This Summer

  • Summer reading challenges. Take trips to the library and participate in their summer reading programs. They often offer prizes and really cool incentives that your child can enjoy.
  • Play reading chairs. This is pretty much the same thing as playing musical chairs except that instead of playing music, someone has to be reading. When that person stops reading, everyone has to sit in a chair. The person that is left without a chair is the one that has to read next.
  • Have a movie reading night. Pick a few interesting movies and have a movie night where you play those movies in another language so that you have to read subtitles. Make sure you select movies that your children are really interested in so that it forces them to actually read.

Reading Improvement with Tutoring in Herndon VA

For more ideas on educational activities that you and your family can enjoy this summer, read our previous post. Also, be sure to detect any reading problems early on and get your child the help they need right away. At The Tutoring Center, Herndon VA, they provide highly efficient academic programs and reading improvement sessions so that your child can learn to enjoy reading. Contact them now at 703-362-2474 to learn more.


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