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Fairy tales are not just bedtime stories. They are full of knowledge and unexpected lessons. Fairy tales can even help your children become successful lifelong learners.   Fairy tales take us into a world of fantasy and adventure, where anything can happen. Many adults still enjoy those stories they grew up with. Perhaps you didn’t notice, but fairy tales made you a better learner. So, why not use those tales to benefit your children’s learning as well? Here are some of the things kids can get by reading fairy tales.

4 Valuable Learnings Your Children Can Get From Fairy Tales

Moral values: There’s always a lesson to learn in fairy tales. All stories show that every action has a consequence, whether it be good or bad. Fairy tales mostly show that the person who does good and treats other with fairness and kindness is the happiest in the end. For instance, The Beauty and the Beast teaches never to judge someone or something by their looks. Cultural literacy: Fairy tales open the doors to many different worlds and cultures. Children learn about diverse traditions and ways of life by reading these stories. Perhaps these magical tales can spark their interest in learning more about those places they read about. Language skills: If you’re interested in helping your children improve their vocabulary and spelling skills, invite them to read some fairy tales. Children can expand their vocabulary by reading these stories and even learn to pronounce new words (with your help). Interest in reading: All it takes is a good book to get hooked into the world of reading. Fairy tales should be the starting point for all children.

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Reading is a lifelong skill that everyone should nurture. If your children are interested in improving their reading skills, you should sign them up for tutoring in Herndon. You can contact The Tutoring Center, Herndon VA at (703) 362-2474 to learn about their reading programs.  


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