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Engaging your children in reading is a long process that takes time, discipline and, above all, support from you. If your children are currently struggling with this activity, The Tutoring Center in Herndon would like to share with you some useful ideas to motivate your children to read.


Your local library is the perfect place to start, where thousands of genres are waiting for potential readers. It’s very important that you allow your children choose their own books according to their interests and hobbies, and that you don’t criticize their selections.  Also, you can attend events in the library and ask the librarian for recommendations. 

Be an Example

We can’t overstate your importance as a parent in this process, so be sure that your children see you enjoying a book frequently. You can also create a comfortable space in your home reserved for this activity. Plus, give them books as gifts and remember that reading comics, graphic novels and ebooks is still reading! 

Try to Avoid...

Becoming a reader is a long process, so don’t expect that your children finish a book in one sitting. Refrain from giving bribes to motivate your children to read, as this will make them grab a book just for the reward instead of discovering the beauty of this activity by themselves. 

These simple ideas will help to develop great habits in your children, providing them with a fundamental tool for their future. Also, be sure to read this post containing information on staying organized in school.

At The Tutoring Center, we are aware of the importance reading has in the academic life of your children. That’s why we created a Geniuses in Training Reading Program™ with which we help our students develop the abilities they need to keep up with their classes.  

We are always looking for ways to tailor our tutoring to each student’s case; that’s why we offer free diagnostic assessments. Consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Herndon.

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