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Improve Your Student's At-Home Study Space

When a student sits down to complete their homework or to study for an upcoming exam, their notes and textbooks are only part of what is required for them to undertake a successful study session. The space in which they work is just as impactful. Instead of your youngster completing their math quiz sheets on the couch in front of the television, below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Herndon VA to help you create a great study space.


Apart from cell phones and the TV, your vacuuming, mowing the lawn, or even siblings playing in the backyard can all be enough of a distraction to steal your student’s attention away from their studies. With this in mind, look for places around your home which you can turn into a temporary study space. For example, if your bedroom is quiet or the laundry area at the back of your home rarely sees foot traffic, consider designating these spaces as your student’s study area for a few hours each evening.

What Will They Need?

Once you have found a quiet space, be sure that it has everything they need to complete their homework. For example, if they are completing a worksheet which requires colored pencils or markers, be sure they are close by. Consider asking your student what they need throughout the week for their study sessions and use a small basket to store the items in the area and then remove once they are finished. By giving them everything they need while they study, your student is significantly less likely to stop their studies to get a glass of water or to get some markers they forgot, leaving them to lose their study momentum and waste valuable study time.


If the lighting in your chosen study space is too bright then it can cause eye strain, headaches, and even make the text difficult to read. On the other hand, if the area is too dark then it can cause your student to become weary and maybe even want to take a nap! Whether it’s using a small desk lamp or even hanging a blanket over a window, do what you can to make the study space more comfortable for the task at hand.

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