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Don't Discount Group Study Sessions

It is easy for parents to think that a group study session is nothing more than a social gathering to gossip. However, if facilitated correctly, a group study session can be a great benefit to all students who participate. Below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Herndon VA on the topic.

I’m Pretty Sure I’m on the Right Track

Even as adults, there are times, often in the workplace, where you and your colleagues receive the same verbal instructions yet you or somebody else hears the message a little differently. This results in you wasting valuable work time on something which wasn’t asked of you. Now, transfer this example into your child’s classroom but instead of an angry boss, it’s an unimpressed teacher who assigns a low, or even worse, a failing grade as a result all because of a small misperception or the pick-up of a nuance which wasn’t really there. During a group study session, each student can comfortably speak about their perceptions of the instructions and what each student thinks is required by the teacher to fulfill the task. Quick group conversations like this only last a minute or two, yet have powerful results with each of the participating students leaving with not only the same perception as their classmates but a correct one.

The Date Was 1880. Or Was It 1890? I Better Write 1875 Just to Split the Difference!

It doesn't matter how many times you or their teachers will tell them, students try to copy down every word the teacher or lecturer speaks during the class. Verbatim. Of course, this method starts out fine until a few minutes into the lesson and your youngster is desperately trying to remember what their teacher said three sentences ago while also trying to hear what they are saying currently. As you can imagine, and just as you tried to tell them, this method results in nothing more than a notebook filled with incomplete and often incorrect notes, which isn’t helpful. However, through group study sessions, students have the opportunity to not only share their notes with other participants but to also bolster their own notes. For example, if your student managed to note down names, another student may have missed this aspect but can help your student fill in the blanks with their dates. At the end of the group session, each student leaves with a solid set of correct and complete notes which they can use at their leisure during their own study time.

Every Student Can Benefit from One-to-One Tutoring

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