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Better Comprehension of Grammar With Interactive Games

Many different grammar skills and language art concepts require that students not only learn and understand the concepts but also that they practice them often. This is usually done through writing exercises and constant review. However, as we previously mentioned, using games and interactive activities will allow students to enjoy and better grasp the material. That is why today at The Tutoring Center in Herndon we want to share a fun activity that will allow students to practice their knowledge of parts of speech.

A Fun Way to Practice Parts of Speech

  • First, you will need a large and light ball, such as a beach ball or any other type of ball that is light.
  • Next, take a permanent marker and use it to delineate eight sections on the surface of the ball. In each section, you will write one of the parts of speech such as; noun, adjective, verb, etc.
  • Place the children in a circle and play music while they get to throw the ball around to each other. When the music stops, the child that is holding the ball will look to see what section his or her right hand is on. If, for example, their right hand is on the section that says ¨noun¨, then they have to give an example of a noun before the music can play again.
  • The game continues until they all have had a chance to state different examples of all the parts of speech.
  • Note. The difficulty of the game can increase by having someone call out what type of noun, verb, or adjective etc. they must give. For example, if their right hand lands on noun, someone can say: ¨they must give an example of a common noun.¨

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