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Interactive Ways to Improve Working Memory With Tutoring

In our previous post, we mentioned the importance of good memorization skills. It is important that you note that there are several factors and areas of the memory process that are complimentary and play a crucial role in making sure children are able to retain and put information to use as needed. This process is part of the short-term memory and is called working memory. The working memory makes sure that as information is heard it is withheld for easy recall as soon as it needs to be interacted with. Today, at The Tutoring Center in Herndon, we want to point out a fun and interactive way to improve the working memory.

Why Improve Your Child´s Working Memory?

The working memory is responsible for allowing certain functions to take place. From note taking to completing math exercises and even being able to retell an event, all of this requires that the working memory operates properly.  Playing games is an excellent way to increase the working memory ability and continually improve it. The game's rules and the interactive reasoning needed to play make them ideal for practicing retaining information while using it and reasoning.

2 Games to Play With Your Child for Improved Working Memory

  • I spy. This is a common game that even very young children play. It consists of finding an object and using a word to describe it for the others as they try to find or guess what the object is. This allows children to find an object, use a descriptive word to catalog it, and answer other´s questions about the object. It may seem like a very simple activity, but it puts the working memory to use.
  • Remember the objects. In this game you place several items in a basket or box and give children a limited time to look and go through the items. The box or basket is then removed and some items are taken away. The children must then quickly try to recall what items are missing.

Increased Working Memory With Tutoring in Herndon

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