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Fairy tales are not just bedtime stories. They are full of knowledge and unexpected lessons. Fairy tales can even help your children become successful lifelong learners.   Fairy tales take us into a world of fantasy and adventure, where anything can happen. Many adults still enjoy those...

Keep Your Children's Brain Warm and Active

There is no denying that children love the outdoors. You just need to look at your living room during times of lovely hot weather to see that they have no interest in staying at home. Of course, once that hot weather leaves and the cold temperatures...
If you're a student, you may be already letting out a sigh of relief because winter break is just around the corner. Still, if you want to make the most out of it, you need to plan for it properly! For a few tips on the matter, read the post below.

How to Plan a Productive and Fun Winter Break



Tips to Help Your Student Prepare for an Exam

As much as students don’t enjoy them, exams are an important aspect of their educational path. However, often times a student’s hesitation to sit an exam isn’t due to their lack of confidence in their abilities, but simply because the idea of any exam...

Mathematics Memory Is a Great Learning Game the Family Can Enjoy

If you were to ask your child which of their subjects was the most fun, math wouldn’t be anywhere in their answer. This isn't because they don’t enjoy the subject or because it doesn't provide learning rewards, but simply because,...

Make Your Parent/Teacher Meeting Productive

With students now back at school, parents across the country are starting to think about meeting their child’s new teachers. After all, this is the person responsible for your child's learning over the next school year. To help you prepare, The Tutoring...

Vocabulary and Spelling in Your Child's Academic Life

Grammar and vocabulary are among the subjects that we know are important but we don't pay as much attention to. That is why today we want to mention a few things you can do to help your child improve their vocabulary and spelling this school...

Introduce Your Child to the Concept of College and Encourage Them to View It as a Goal

There is nothing wrong with introducing your child to the concept of college at a young age, but waiting too long to start discussing the subject can have severe repercussions on your child's decisions. That is...

Take Advantage of the Summer for Better Reading Fun

Projects, homework, and extracurricular activities all take up a great part of your child's time, which can lead them to neglect basic skills, including reading. However, now that summer is pretty much here, it is time to start taking advantage...

Getting Rid of Bad Habits: Procrastination

Students face many challenges in their academic journey, but most of these are created by bad habits or lack of learning skills. Procrastination is one of the most common struggles that students face, and it is one that can truly cause many problems. The...


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